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Many people look for what they believe are the easier options but how effective is plastic surgery and liposuction? With costs between £3000 upwards is this value for money? Many who seek quick fixes do not realise how short lived the effects are, some gain even more weight just weeks after surgery. Our philosophy is, “nothing in life worth having comes easy” we like to re-sculpt our clients bodies with what we call “natural plastic surgery”

We thrive on our client’s success and unlike many products and services available from the fitness industry we are here to not rip you off but to change your life! There is a mind boggling array of different exercises, magazine articles, gym equipment, supplements, diets and the latest gimmick, so what works? From years of experience and studying we utilise the best methods to produce efficient sessions so you see and feel the results faster.

Our Personal Training package includes:

- 1 FREE of charge taster session with health, fitness and lifestyle questionnaire, TRY BEFORE YOU BUY -  
- Regular fitness assessments to measure your success: blood pressure, lung function, BMI, measurements, flexibility test, body fat % tests -  
- Aerobic fitness test, muscular endurance and postural analysis - 
- Dietary guidance:  All your questions answered about the complex topic of nutrition and weekly food diary analysis - 
- 10 sessions of body sculpting and fat burning fun with R.E.P.S registered, insured, experienced and highly qualified Personal Trainer -
- Round the clock communication online, helping with questions, motivation, advice and tips you may require in achieving the new you -   

Target: belly fat - bingo wings - love handles - muffin tops - cellulite - cankles

Increase your muscle tone, definition, flexibility, increase longevity.

See Life Changing Results For Just………. £300!
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