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If you want results then personal training is the way to go, nothing else will work you harder. Whether you are an athlete or an office worker we all need a trainer!

My ethos is by using an experienced personal trainer you are not just paying to have a work out, attend a class or use a gym but you are buying concrete results!

There is no greater reward than seeing your hard work pay off, so during training your statistics will be recorded. These include; weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, circumference measurement, aerobic, strength and flexibility test.

You will not be alone between personal training sessions and a food diary will be monitored weekly during your time training with me. Having big brother James watching what you eat makes a big impact.

As a personal trainer over the years I have helped many people with their fitness goals, mainly in gyms but I increasingly found I was using less gym equipment in favour of more fun and effective ways of burning fat and building muscle. I can show you how to get the most from your training using;

Medicine balls Stability balls Body weight exercise
Core stability Matt work Focus pads
Skipping Pilates Bosu ball
Step Resistance bands Running
Powerplates Kettlebells Free weights

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